Shree Vallabh Gaushala Project


Shree Vallabh Gaushala Project :

At Goverdhan at Jatipura on the Vraj Parikrama Marg at the foothills of Sri Govardhan Mountain, Shree Vallabh Gaushala has been developed. Nitya Lilasth Pujya Paad Gosawmi 108 Sri Ranchhodacharyaji (Sir Prathmeshji) Maharajshri had given his guidance that as far as possible not a single cattle of cow family should be sent to a slaughter house, at least in Jatipura. Keeping this objective in mind, cows and their family which either are undernourished or are not being well looked after by their owners are taken under shelter at Shree Vallabh Gaushala centre.For such cattle Shree Vallabh Gaushala established by Parishad. At present , of a total 140 cows under shelter, The milk obtained from these cows is being distributed to the cowheards who look after all cows and the also is sent to Sri Girirajji and Sri Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji’s Bithakji as seva (service) for bhog.

It is our ultimate good fortune to be able to offer protection and contribute towards service to the mother cow. Presently the day to day expenses for the maintenance for the cow are being met as Gau Seva (Service to Cow) by way of from donation receiived from Param Bhagwadiya Vaishnav members as follows :-

  1. Service for one cow for one day                      :         Rs: 101/-
  2. Service for one cow for one week                   :         Rs: 751/-
  3. Service for one cow for fifteen days               :         Rs: 1501/-
  4. Service for one cow for one month                :         Rs: 2501/-
  5. Service for one full Day                                    :         Rs: 5001/-
  6. Service for one cow for six months                :         Rs: 10001/-
  7. Service for one cow for one year                    :         Rs: 15001/-
  8. Permanent Tithi for one cow                          :         Rs: 15000/-
Gaushala Govardhan