Shri Vallabh Bal Vidhya Niketan Project


Shri Vallabh Bal Vidhya Niketan Project :

In the year 1981 whilst travelling in the Adivasi areas of Madhya Pradesh, His Holiness Nitya Lilasth Pujya Pad Goswami 108 Sri Ranchhodacharyaji (Sir Prathmeshji maharajsri on on serving the circumstances of the Adivasis, advised to the parisjad members to do social service activities (Manav Seva) in that area. With the inspiration granted by His Holiness, on 26th March, 1982 Antarrashtriya Pustimargeeya Vaishnav Parishad established School by the name of Shri Vallabh Bal Vidhya Niketan in the Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh. His Holiness handed over the governing charges of this school to Sant Sri Sitaramji Bairagi.

In the early stages, activities of Shri Vallabh Bal Vidhya Niketan were being conducted under rented premises. Then after purchasing a plot of land, Three Storey building constructed by Parishad. Presently there are 400 students, taking education in the institution, wherein the students coming from very low economic strata of society are being either in part or full concession on the tuition fees. Needy students are also provided for with notebooks, pencil, rubbers and uniforms.

The expanses of Shri Vallabh Bal VidhyaNiketan are currently being met by donations received from Vaishnav’s s follows:-

  1. Annual Expenses for one Child                             – Rs. 3800/-
  2. Permanent Annual Expanses for one child        – Rs: 15500/-
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