Working Committee


The General Council (Gerenal Body) of the Antarrashtriya Pustimargeeya Vaishnav Parishad has 101 members. Of these 10 members represent the overseas strength of the parishad. The general Council nominates the Central working Body of Parishad. There is a provision for an advisory body too which includes representaion from overseas as well as verious other active members. For guidance on activities related to services (seva) on the principals of Pusti Sampraday, advice of Pujya Goswami Balaks and other learned Acharyas and sastrijis is seeked. The office of the Central Committee members is located at 15-E, Above Raghuvanshi Hall, Halai Lohana Nivas, Sankarbari Lean, Off. J.S.S.Road, Chira Bazar, Mumbai-400002.

For further Information with regards to the parishad's activities, it will be available from Central office of the Parishad.
Telephone: 022 22076098./ Email id:

There is a state level of committee members for every state body of parishad. There is a Sangathan Secertary / Co-ordinater (Seceretary General-Mahamantri) constantly in liaision with State Bodies. Every State Body, within its own territories – Districts (Countries), Zillas, Cities, Towns and Villages establishes its own centres/branches carrying out the verious projects of the parishad as per the tradition of Sampraday and are carried out under the Ashta Bindu Yojana (8 point programme) of parishad.


The Following are the activities:

Nitya Seva,

Utsav Celebrations,


Manav Seva (Non-Medical),

Satsang (discourse),

Achar – Vichar,

Manav Seva & Medical,

Service to Cows.