Shree Vallabh Krupa Kirtan Mandal Project


Shree Vallabh Krupa Kirtan Mandal Project:

“Raag” is the basis for expressing one’s sublime love to Thakurji in Pusti Bhakti Sampraday. Under the banner of Shri Vallabh Krupa Kirtan Mandal, this institution has presented audio tapes exressing the Ashta Sakhas Bhav for Thakurji based on different seasons and Utsavs. Kirtans in the praise of Lord Krishna, on His various Leelas and as experienced by the Ashta Sakhas based on the three main seasons – Spring(Varsha), Winter (Sheetkal) and Summer (Grishma) are presented for vaishnavs to relatewith thir own Savya Thakurji. Audio to celebrate the various utsav as – Holi Dhamar and Rasia, Nav Vilas, Janmasthami utsav ect. are  all part of the plan, These Kirtans are based on various classical ragas and on the traditional style as sung in Havelis (Temples) for all the Ashta Yaam Darshan (Eight Periods) – Mangala (Morning Awakening) to Shayan (eveving).

A special 6 years self learning course, based as per the Pusti tradition to help Vaishnavs to learn Kirtans based on classical music has also been introduced. This course is based on the various ragas, taal and lay and which slowly lead the vaishnav through the basic simple ragas upto the more intrinsic ragas over a syllabus distributed in 6 group – Praveshika, Subodh, Prabodh, Pravin, Visharad, Kirtan Ratna.Examinations both theoretical and oral are being conducted at various centres in India. Further programmes are lined up to bring out such audio tapes and to conduct live rectal at various centres the world over.

Shree Vallabh Krupa Kirtan Mandal - Mumbai